How To Remove Oil And Water Based Ink From Your Carpet

Carpets are the most tricky thing when cleaning yourself. Where normally vacuuming can keep your fresh and dust-free there if it gets any stains will bring you down to your knees to get rid of them. You should have the know-how of removing a few generic stains from your carpet as these can happen anytime on your carpet, even just after a professional wash. Let’s take up here how to get rid of oil-based and water-based pigments or inks from your carpet. But if you are already planning a professional wash for your carpet in Bondi then who can be better else than our Finest And Reputed Carpet Cleaning Team.

How To Remove Oil Based Ink From Your Carpet

Thick inks are having oil-based pigments like one in ballpoint pens, permanent markers or markers that dries a little slower. If they happen to bleed on your carpet can colour the fibres of the carpet deep down. Don’t worry, just go tricky but remember early you do the stain removing job the better and sooner you are going to get the results. 

Put hand sanitiser over the stain and dab it gently over the stain or apply alcohol or hairspray (or hair lacquer) over the stain and leave to dilute the stain. These chemicals have the ability to break and dissolve the ink stains. But over applying can affect the dye of your carpet as well, so better to apply just over the stains and that too meagrely. You can repeat the step by adding these solvents over the ink stains but lesser and lesser each time. Later blot the loosened ink stain with a clean towel. Do not rub as it will increase the chance of spreading the stain out to its surrounding areas.

How To Remove Water Based Ink From Carpet

Don’t you worry if your carpet got ruined with fountain pen ink or with sketch pens? Try the following simple DIYs to get the stain out of your carpet! 

The first way out is using white vinegar. All you need is a spray bottle, distilled white vinegar and water. Fill your spray bottle with vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio. Spray it right over the ink stain. Dab it little to go deep in the carpet. Leave for a few minutes and wash the weakened ink stain with lukewarm soapy water with the help of a thick sponge. Use any fabric detergent to make a soapy solution. Pat dry with a bloating sheet and let it air dry on its own. 

Now the second tricky technique is to use dishwashing liquid. How? Take any dishwashing liquid and dissolve it in lukewarm water (say 2 teaspoons in 400-500ml water). Now soak a towel into this warm solution and press it against the stain, do not rub. Press and lift, press and lift the towel till the stain is removed. It’s better if you use a different corner of the towel every time you push it against the ink stain. Repeat till you clear the spot. Bloat the moisture away as described above.

Why Go For Pro Cleaning For Your Stained Carpet

Sometimes stains are really hard to remove from the carpet especially if they cover a bigger area on your carpet. Stains are hard to control with kids around and one we are talking about are the ink stains here. Removing ink stains whether oil-based or water-based can ruin the pigment or dye of your carpet as well, you need to be very specific with quantities of solvents used to loosen or absorb the ink stains. Additionally, you should know the fibre type of your carpet like a natural, hybrid or synthetic and also the nature of ink you are planning to remove. 

So to keep aside all these hassles, we have introduced multiple cleaning services for your carpet like steam cleaning, dry cleaning, deep vacuuming, stain removal, tear restoration, flood damage and more. Choose us as your pro helpers for any type of carpet service. We customise our packages as per individuals’ needs and are available to serve you 24X7. So call us now to have stain-free, fresh smelling carpet on your floors all the time.